Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Long HCC

Well here we are, the end of the semester im closing a Chapter in my life and opening a new one. The past year and a half have been some of the best learning experiences of my life. HCC dance department really opened my eyes and heart into a new style of dance I would never imgine myself doing. It took me a while to accept it and though I cannot see myself doing ballet and modern for the rest of my life as a carreer, I will forsure bring the technique and certain things i learn into where im going in dance. Iv been lucky enough to study under some of the most genious people in dance. I think I took my dance education for granted, because as I look back the only "teaching" I can remember is from Claire Richard and Acosta.

By way of my development I am for sure not where I want to be. Im torn on what I want to do, I know I want to dance for the rest of my life but I dont know if modern and ballet is what I want to pursue. Actually, I know its not. Easier said then done to pick up and leave. I know I want to study Jazz and unfortunatly there are no programs in florida. I think I might just major something different at USF and then get a Masters in Jazz studies. I have the summer to decide, hopefully somthing will click. HEY maybe ill go all summer and then realise ballet and modern are what I love and what I want to pursue at USF. Only time will tell.

By body I feel is healthy suprisingly, because for some reason I always get sick, over tired and over worked. And let me tell you I have had quit a semester, alot has gone on and alot has been accomplished. Iv worked really hard and done the best I can, though I feel I did slack in ballet. OOOPPPSSSS but overall I feel accomplished, I graduate this semester and its been along time coming and im so glad its here. I hope that when I go to USF I can fully focuis on what I need to do, and figure out exactly what I want to do with my life.

I feel iv always had this idea. im going to graduate work on a cruise ship and then open my own studio. I still have that dream, but to run a studio a little different then what iv known. I want to combine what I feel is my forte, thats Jazz choreography and what I have learned through my college dance experience. In a sense combine a classical and commercial track.

So thank you so very very much Acosta Richard and Claire for lessons learned I will keep for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have to admit, I am a kinda dancer. Its not always a bad thing, but sometimes not a good thing. Its just the way I grew up dancing and how I learned. When im in a challenging mood I sit down and listen to a song that im not fimiliar with its musicality and improv. I feel this has helped me with "letting go" of the at times.

I stand in the front of  the room almost all the time (unless im having a bad day), I like the mirror, again can be a bad habbit.

Sometimes when learning from a new teacher I sometimes leave class frusterated and uninspired, it takes a while for me to get use to a certain technique or way someone teaches, maybe because I had the same dance teachers my whole life, but HCC has allowed me to get over this and learn different techniques and styles and let myself adapt rather then to get frusterated.

I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REVERSE COMBINATIONS. me myself could not sit there and do it. I have to watch someone do it so I can put it together.

Im big on emotions, if theres a certain emotion attached to the movement I seem to understand it more, or maybe can just "let it flow" better then "placing" the movement.


As im reading this article I visualise myself applying these "tips" and doing as I read. I like how its quoted "alignment to a dancer what grammer is to a writer". This is very true can you see yourself paying $100 to watch a dancer with a crooked spine a popped out hip and a neck that sticks out like a goose? I didnt think so.... As a young child I feel I was not taught the right alingment if any alignment at all, I was never enforced to sit up straight either, hunched over to this day is still my most comfortable position. This has been a fight for me in class to constantly have to align myself. As I read it is quoted that a teacher works with her little ones for years on alignment, this is somthing I am going to remmeber forever being I want to teach little kids. I remember being in a master class once working on therabands, for what I believe was my first time in life, I was sitting on my tailbone and felt my whole spine fall into place, I could have fallen asleep the feeling was so amazing. Everyday I work for that feeling again.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

its called the present because its a gift

When I first heard the idea of being "present" I found it somewhat cliche. Then I thought to myself, well why dont you try it. So I did. And it is the exact opposite of cliche. When I am present in class or on stage I feel everything moving and living. Its so easy to "phone in" an exercise or a performance but when your present you reap all benefits of being where you are, what your learning and what your doing.  I can honestly say now I could sit down, observe a class and know exactly who is really there being present and whos just there to be there. Being present is whats going to make you a better dancer, give you a better understanding and in the end, get you hired.

When I dance I...

Feel so alive. Dancing is my first love. I remember being on stage for the first time and absolutely loving it. Thats where I belong. In the past few years iv lost touch with my passion for dancing, I think because I had moved my whole life down to florida when I was 18 and not ready. All I knew was dancing and to come down to florida an know no one, really messed with my mind.  I didnt know where to dance or where to go. It took me a couple of years but I found HCC and VYB. These two establishments really brought myself back to where I wanted to be. It made me feel alive again, to wake up every morning and be able to do what I love is all iv asked for in life, AND I GOT IT BACK!

The feeling I have when im dancing is unexplainable. I wish I could explain it because alot of people dont understand dancing, they dont get why I spend my life "twirling" or "stomping the floor" an when friends call to go out,  I say sorry I have rehersal and they say didnt you JUST have rehersal? But maybe its not for them to understand, all I know is im happy and dancing is what ill be doing for the rest of my life. If I cant....I wont be truly alive

"everyone dies....but not everyone lives"

I fly with the stars in the skies
I am no longer trying to survive
I believe that life is a prize
But to live doesn't mean you're alive

Wish that I could have this moment
For life, for life, for life
Cause in this moment I just feel so
Alive, alive, alive

Practice makes perfect

This semester for me has really been back to basics, which is strange because iv danced the past 18 years of my life. This is my first semester having Acosta and Richard who I feel iv learned a great deal from. I really focused on my balance, findinding my center, and shifting (which im still trying to get the hang of). The style inside my body I feel is so set and as acosta would say, "phoned in". Modern and ballet have really helped me to get back to fixing everything that should have been worked on when I started dancing.

Next semester I would like to go beyond basics and really find myself as a modern and ballet dancer.

did you say pop culture?

Pop culture plays a big role on everything, especially dancing. Think about what genre of dance use to be the most "popular". For the longest time it was ballet. Ballet will always be well respected, but its not what everyone wants to master now. In 2010 its mostly about hip-hop and contemporary. WHY? because of the music we listen to, the shows we watch on TV. Rarely will you see a music video without backup hip hop dancers or go to a concert and say to yourself "I want to be on that stage behind Rhianna one day"! One of the most popular shows on TV is SYTYCD. That show focus on mainstream dancing. I have never seen a ballet or tap piece performed.

By way of style, I feel I can pick a dancer out of any crowd. Its gone very edgy when it comes to hairstyle and clothes and I think its because you see celebrities, and someone's always got something different about them, and to get hired thats what you need....something different. Your not going to get hired if you blend in with the crowd.

When it comes to me personally as a dancer, I definitely am a victim of pop culture. I watch SYTYCD religiously and want to be that girl on stage one day. I blame it partially on growing up in a studio being a competitive dancer, mainly jazz hip-hop tap and lyrical. I never took ballet to seriously. I haven't figured out why yet though, its between me not being good at it (because I never took it seriously), me knowing I could never be a ballerina because of my body type, or it just wasn't the "cool thing". I tend to like what im good at (which is jazz) but coming back to pop culture, even thats become extremely mainstream and a classical jazz piece is very rare found.